Read more to write better

The first step to being a good writer is to understand language, grammar and learn the art of storytelling. At the initial point of their lives, every great writer has started off as an avid reader and fell in love with the art of words and storytelling. There are only two activities that are needed to be a better writer: reading and writing. These two activities are complimentary to each other and one cannot happen without the other. Many famous writers such as Stephen King and William Faulkner will stand by this principle.

To instil good writing qualities in children, it is very important that they read more. The mind is like a sponge and it is even more absorbent at a young age. Therefore, encouraging the child to read more will make them better creative writers. Primary writing skills may be taught in schools, but it is almost impossible to teach someone the finer details of the art of writing. This will depend on the books that the child reads and the kind of language that is in these books. Reading books written by good authors can not only improve the child’s writing ability, but will also make it that much easier for them to absorb the basic fundamentals such as grammar, without it having to be another core subject they have to learn.

Another important point to remember is not to remain in the constraints of any particular genre. It is always better to be someone who thinks out of the box and does not follow the norms of society. A child may tend to choose books that they are interested in and may stick to their comfort zone, but as adults, it is important to encourage the child to explore new genres and options. They will in time find what they most relate with and will want to write more in that genre, but the more they are exposed to different genres, the closer they will come to walking the genre line or even cross it.

The mind is like a mirror – if they only read textbooks, their writing will come across as dry and informative. If they read classics, their work will be more mature and those who read more poetry will have a more fluid and musical form of writing.

All this skills would definitely the children as they progress from child care to kindergarten.