Excite The Taste Buds With Fish Ball Noodle

If one it looking for an entirely different dining experience, cuisine from Singapore takes Asian food to a whole different level. Entrees like Hainanese chicken rice, fish ball noodle, rice balls and many others bursting with flavors not found in fast food restaurants. These dishes, filled with fresh seafood, poultry, and many aromatic broths and curries blend together for unforgettable dining. They can be complemented by a ginger tea or calamansi limeade to wash everything down.

However, it is the quality and passion for the right seasonings, as with any dish, that makes this stand apart from the competition. This is especially true when it comes to garlic laden sauces and shellfish stock that top rice or noodles made with egg or rice. When one can taste good solid pieces of meat and seafood, it is not only more filling but enjoyable.

Upon its inception, fishball noodle was made from an entirely different recipe. Instead of sitting atop rice noodles, it was combined with a savory broth. It was still popular but the original recipe called for recycled fish parts that came from haddock and others edible types available. Some people even used fillers like white flour to extend the ingredients but over time, the use of fish paste as a binder took this dish to another place, making it a must for tourists and those looking for something different.

While Singaporean dishes have a strong Chinese influence, these dishes have their own twist when it comes to flavor. Similar to Thai cuisine, the use of spice, fruits, and shellfish is common. However, one ingredient that gives the rice dishes something special is chicken lard. Another wonderful cooking companion is the Thai coconut, which gives dishes a sweetness that goes well with the spiciness.

With meals comes a wide selection of desserts and after dinner fruits. Lychee, mangosteen, and the intriguing durian are great as a snack as well. Durian, with its dark spiky shell, brings quite a surprise. Upon opening, those nearby are welcomed with a strong aroma that can be offensive at first. However, this fruit with tastes of almond and apricot, can be combined with shaved ice, mango, or by itself and is one of the most popular.

There is a wonderful assortment of flavors to try when visiting Singapore. These range from citrus to intense herbal to a spice that is not quite as overpowering. In other words, there is something for just about every palette.