Hygiene Lessons That Your Young One Can Learn At a Preschool

As we all know, maintaining good hygiene is very important for good health. These habits should be inculcated both at home and at school. Good hygiene is very important when it comes to Singapore infant care . Here are a few activities that can help the children understand the importance of good health and hygiene.

Dental Health

Healthy white teeth are the key to a great smile. However, it is a major task getting children to brush their teeth every morning. A simple experiment using a hardboiled egg, some dark soda, toothpaste and a toothbrush can teach children the importance of brushing their teeth every day. Keep the hardboiled egg in the dark soda overnight. The next morning it can be seen that the shell of the egg will be pigmented from the soda. Using a toothbrush and a little toothpaste tell the children to start cleaning off the egg. Make sure to mention and make the children notice that the stain on the egg is being removed by the toothbrush and toothpaste. Relate this to real life and explain why it is important to brush teeth every day.

Hand washing

Clean hands are the next in line. During the day, children touch and play with everything that they can find. Using a working sink, soap and a towel, show each child the correct way of washing their hand. Discuss when it is most important to wash their hands, such as before eating and after using the toilet. Discuss how clean hands can help them stay healthy and avoid germs.


Bathing everyday is another good hygiene habit that should be taught to the children. Using a doll and a sink, show them the correct way to apply shampoo to the hair and spread soap on the body. Later, the importance of staying clean should be discussed with the students.


The next topic to be discussed should be keeping nails short and clean. A rubber hand and some fake nails can be used to show the children how to cut their nails, but always insist that they do it only with the help of their parents or an adult. Explain that biting nails is a bad habit.

Food Hygiene

Discuss the importance of washing hands before eating. Also discuss how it is important to eat using clean utensils and never eat anything that was on the floor.