How The Changing Lifestyle And Social Attitude Has Helped The Boom In Child Care Centers

Child care centers have spread like wild fire all over Asia and the main reason is the changing lifestyle and social attitude among parents. Gone are the days when women would spend their time at home, looking after the young ones. Nowadays, women have become bread earners for the family too. They are changing the way society views them and are sometimes achieving more than their male counterpart. But the lifestyle change is affecting children because parents don’t know how to work things out when they have children. For this reason, child care centres in Singapore have been established in order to take care of infants and kids until either of the parent becomes available.

Parents are now able to breathe easy because the child care centres in Singapore are safe and certified to take care of children. The nurse and teachers present at the center are well trained and experts at their job. Moreover, the children seem to enjoy going to such centers as they get to do loads of fun activities and make friends.

The growth of the child care industry

In Singapore, the child care industry has witnessed a substantial amount of growth in the last decade. Centers are offering different flexible programs that parents can choose from, according to their own timings.

The child care centers have different activities for children. Not only does it keep them engaged but it also improves their learning ability and cognitive functions. A typical day’s routine at My First Skool involves feeding milk to infants, changing diapers and getting naptime. For kids who are older, a range of activities is available. The activities include reading, drawing, singing and playing. Through these activities, the children learn basic things that prepare them for tackling bigger problems in life.

The parents are happy with how the child care centers treat their children. The centers, on the other hand, upload photos of children to their respective parents to ensure that they are doing fine.

Gaining the trust of parents

One of the major obstacles faced by child care centers when they first started out was gaining the trust of parents. Parents, too, were skeptical about leaving their children in the hands of unknown people. But in time, the centers gained the trust of parents through constant communication and assurances. Now, parents don’t have a problem sending their children to child care centers before heading off to their workplace.

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