Top Tips for Health Care of Toddlers

Watching TV, helping them in potty training and managing play dates is not the end of your responsibilities when you have a little kid at home. According to experts of child care in Singapore, there are lots of things that add to big worries at a later stage for parents; here are a few important things new parents should know that can help them in managing the growth of their child in a better manner.

Top Tips for Toddler Health Care:

Head Bumps:

One of the biggest worries parents are the head bumps that a few months old kid starts developing when he starts to learn how to walk. Kids often bump their heads while trying to move from one place to another so parents need to pay attention to this trouble. If the bumps are mild, then there is nothing to feel worried about, However, for big falls, there are chances of serious head injuries. If you notice something serious then it would be preferable to call a doctor as soon as possible.

Social Skills:

Sometimes parents feel their child does not like to play with other kids or prefers being by himself whereas other parents have problems like their kids are always busy playing with other children around. Don’t worry about whether your child is anti-social or social at this stage because before 3 years of age, kids usually do not like to interact with other kids whereas after this age, they prefer to get involved naturally. When your little master is doing things purposefully then it is completely fine.

Toddler Teeth:

One of the common issues in the early growing stage of kids is the growth of their teeth as this duration becomes a little painful for the child as well as parents too. As soon as your child starts developing his first tooth, it is right time to consult doctors for directions to be followed. Sometimes doctors offer special treatments to toddlers for better growth of teeth and it also assists them in pain management.

Toddlers and TV:

Child care centres in Singapore have advised parents to keep kids away from the TV until they are of 2 years old and even after this age, you must allow them to watch only educational programs. The time for games, TV, computer and studies must be well managed so that the kids can develop equal interest in all things. What kids watch on TV is going to have great impact on their overall development so try to be very careful about the TV hours of your little child.

Eating habits:

Parents are responsible for developing better eating habits in kids so that they can have all the necessary stuff for growth in their body. One must get milk on time and try not to develop choosy behaviour for food items in your kids. Otherwise, it will create trouble for you. It is preferable to consult your doctors to get an idea about what is good to eat and what must be avoided by your child.

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